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Sales Jobs >> Sales Articles >> Selling Resume Tips >> Dress for Sales Success
  • Selling Resume Tips

Dress for Sales Success

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As an employee in society today, it’s a good idea to approach the workplace with a killer attitude and a confident outfit. Read on to see how you can look stylish while maintaining a professional appearance at your next job or your current one!

Dress for Sales Success
A salesperson in a crisp dark suit exudes confidence!
First impressions mean a lot in the selling world. If you are a sales professional, you know very well that your attire is an important element in your sales job. People who work in other industries, such as entertainment and some media outlets, have less formal attire codes, but in the sales world there is an appropriate way to dress for success.

Confidence is a key component when someone is selling a product. That confidence is very much driven by how you, as a sales professional, feel. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you can perform better in your sales job.

Both women and men need to present themselves in a respectable manner in their sales jobs by following basic guidelines regarding what to wear. Neutral colors are a great base to consider. Neutral items can easily be accessorized and look plain but clean. Dark colors are also an essential option when it comes to dressing for a successful sales job. A dark suit should be in every sales professional’s wardrobe. Pinstripe suits and conservative clothing are always good choices when in doubt. Salespeople are in an industry where they can create their own looks and, as a result, manage the way they are perceived.

Women should focus on dark suits and solid colors. Skirts are also acceptable and can add a new look to a bland wardrobe. Just be sure to wear a knee-length skirt rather than one that shows too much leg in a sales setting. A miniskirt is obviously not appropriate attire, but neither is a slightly longer skirt that can ride up to questionable heights. Feel free to wear a skirt that falls a couple of centimeters above the knee, but don’t get shorter than that. A black skirt is a fundamental choice for a female professional in the selling industry. Low-cut shirts are also inappropriate.

Women need to make sure they appear reasonably modest in a sales setting. Too much gaudy jewelry and makeup can take away from the professionalism of a salesperson. Sales jobs allow a little bit of flexibility as far as wearing colorful clothes goes, but one shouldn’t go overboard. Essentials like black, gray, and dark brown pants are important parts of any wardrobe. Stick to basic clothing patterns if need be. Don’t worry about over-dressing; it’s under-dressing that can prove costly. A good combination of class and charisma in your clothing can go very far in the sales industry.

Men should choose clean, crisp suits in a sales setting. A black or dark gray suit is also great for a man who has a sales job. As with women’s attire, neutral colors along with simple prints look very professional for sales professionals. A dark suit presents confidence as well, which helps. Depending on the setting, ties also look nice but aren’t always a must; they are usually good to sport when unsure of the exact attire expected. Crisp white shirts are also necessary when it comes to presenting yourself well in a sales job.

Both men and women should steer away from denim, but if you decide to try the jeans look, go for dark denim. Accessories can also enhance your wardrobe. Focus on belts and nice shoes to bring your whole outfit together.

Overall, salespeople should dress comfortably but also appear classy. As a businessman or businesswoman, you are representing a product, and with that comes responsibility. Use your best judgment, and you can create a successful selling foundation.

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